Day Four.

Okay, day four. Longest day yet. 8.5 hours of me, the road, my ipod, and a snoozing cat in the backseat. Up until today I was stoked on this, now I am tired and missing human interaction. Big shout-outs to David, Paul, Catherine, and Matt for listening to my stories and calling to say hey […]

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Animals I’ve seen: One deer, something white and fluffy, a raccoon, and a badger. Ill count the old man who left his signal on for three miles, then decided as I was passing him that he HAD to switch lanes and flip me off. I saw a fresh motorcycle wreck.  Dude wasn’t wearing leather or […]

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Made it to Chicago

People in Indiana don’t understand signaling, but they can merge lanes, which most in DC fail to do so without stopping completely in the merge lane. I have lots to say, but I want to power through to Omaha ( I really wish I could dictate as I drive.  Maybe I should train Coco to […]

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