J-1. Yikes!

Headed from DC to Parma, OH tomorrow in the chariot.

First Leg- DC to OH.  Second Leg- OH to Chicago.  Third Leg- Chicago- Omaha.  Fourth Leg- Omaha to wherever in Wyoming I can find.  Fifth Leg- Wyoming through the desolate waste land that is Eastern Idaho, THEN HOME!!!!  Get a tall vodka diet ready for me, Boise.  I am headed your way on the 13th!

My movers were great and excited to be helping a girl move back to the “country”.  We talked about hunting and they had my back when my neighbors yelled at me for towing them.

Speaking of which, if a sign is up for 72 hours saying, “Don’t Park Here on July 7!” Then why would you?  Why would you yell at me for it?  Quit abrogating your responsibility for yourself and your car, dick.  Sigh, problems in my world that are symptomatic of what all is wrong with the world today.


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