Bye DC!

Hey DC, it has been really, really, really fun.  I will miss you, but be back for Spring Break.   Mainly, so I can shout Spring Breeeaaaak a lot, but also to reconvene for dancing on H Street and drinks in whatever hotspot/divebar that arises in my absence.

DC Kids- you are some of the smartest, most dedicated, and just generally awesome people around.  You guys “get it”, and I am lucky to have spent such a big portion of my 20s doldrums with you.  I’ve learned so much about life, ideology, all that really fun post college stuff from you.  Big shout out to my uni (radi) (cooli) corns for all of our late night convos about everything.  I love it and will miss you all.  And with that, keep in touch.  I will most likely be back here for the summer/ post bar (I don’t even want to think about anything past my 1st semester of 1L, though.)

Also, consider this an open invitation to come chill in Idaho.  It’s a great place, great people and I know most of you would looooove it.  We don’t even have to go do wilderness stuff (actually, we probably won’t because I am somewhat anti-camping). Well, we can go shooting or rafting or hiking, then back to the house for grilling.

With that digression, I bid you all farewell.  Love you all!


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