Made it to Chicago

People in Indiana don’t understand signaling, but they can merge lanes, which most in DC fail to do so without stopping completely in the merge lane. I have lots to say, but I want to power through to Omaha ( I really wish I could dictate as I drive.  Maybe I should train Coco to be my secretary).  I received my 1L packet last night, so in true type A Gunner fashion, I read it instead of doing photos and postcards.  Omaha is the postcard night.    I might stay an extra day there, because I am tired.  Yes, driving all day makes me tired.  My life is hard.

I saw the giant bean in CHI.  I love it.

I got lost in Englewood on my way to the hotel.  My ability to get stuck in bad neighborhoods remains awesome.  I will probably end up dead someday because of this.  I want to invent a GPS for yuppies that overlays with a crime map.  If it gets to a certain color indicating higher crime, then it routes around it.  My dad said to call it SafeWhitey.

Indiana is actually really pretty.  The greenery out there is amazing right now.  Amber waves of grain and all that.  In the fields the juxtaposition of the different shades of green depending on the crop is gorrrrrgeous.  There was also an airshow in front of me for a part of the drive, so I could see jet trails and formations (insert chemtrail joke here).  Salient point: the paysage might be boring coming from a “ohh there are no mountains Idaho-elitism” but there are still some cool things to see and do at least once in your life. Chicago-  will probably come back to you and visit.


3 thoughts on “Made it to Chicago

  1. You can come visit me when I move to Chicago. January is my goal. Unless something better comes along and either keeps me here or has me move somewhere else.

    1. Hell yes, girl! Or you can come to Idaho? Remember that whole plan of mountain men that will hunt things for us? I just want a dude that will ride a bull moose across the Snake River. I guess that’s too much to ask.

      1. Well….as soon as I can get more than 1 day off at a time (which probably will never happen…or maybe after the summer quarter at school) I will come visit you and we can hunt for/with mountain men. I just want a dude who, in Tim McGraw’s words, “may be a real bad boy, but baby [he’s] a real good man.”

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