Animals I’ve seen: One deer, something white and fluffy, a raccoon, and a badger. Ill count the old man who left his signal on for three miles, then decided as I was passing him that he HAD to switch lanes and flip me off.

I saw a fresh motorcycle wreck.  Dude wasn’t wearing leather or a helmet on I-80. Gross.

Omaha is tiny, or at least its “going out to dinner” section is.  Today I drove from

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Oh, I also have Google latitude on *just* for this trip. It’s cool in that I am voluntarily giving my whereabouts at all time to a company that has a currently questionable reputation for personal data.

Point B is where I started to get sick of corn and soybeans and wind farms.  Those windmill setups terrify me, and give me an unsettling vision of dystopian scorched earth futures of the midwest.  I DID get to see the world’s largest truck stop.  My dad’s response was “don’t stop at truck stops”.  Its hardly a truck stop, they sold Thomas Kinkade night lights.  Nothing bad can happen around paintings of light!!!!

I had this romanticized version of driving across the Midwest, stopping among corn fields and going to diners, writing postcards and wifi-ng it up in said romanticized Midwest diners and eating hotdish or whatever its called.  NOPE.  One, I am not going to traipse up and down every on and off ramp to find them.  Two, driving long distances makes me tired.  You know how a boring day can make you tired?  The worst thing is?  I’ve had 8 and some odd hours of thinking.  I have lots to write, but they are all taking the form of quick notes in the draft section.  I’ll get to them, slowly but surely.

Tomorrow is off to Wyoming.  More long drives.


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