Driving for Uber? Make sure you are properly covered.

Uber is in Boise. There are finally enough drivers to make the service work. Hurrah! We are a city! I snagged my first Uber car the other night, it was a pleasant experience despite the guy driving five miles an hour under the speed limit. Its a sweet way to make some extra cash (unless […]


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Idaho’s email spam laws (law for both small business and consumers!)

Email offers inundate our inboxes between black Friday and now. I’ve taken lots of steps to unsubscribe and filter and block everything that I consider SPAM. However, there has been one local business that has been especially fond of emailing me regardless of how many times I unsubscribe. As a local business, and as a consumer, you should be aware of Idaho’s stance on email spam. Here is a memo I wrote a while ago that is worth reminding:

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