Lentil Kielbasa Soup

Ill start sharing my recipes, as I am a crockpot wunderkind. 2 c lentils, 1 Kielbasa 1 can diced tomatoes, lots of chopped carrots, lots of chopped celery, one box beef broth (32 ounces), 3 cups of water. Lots of garlic powder, some dashes of lowrys seasoning, lots of chili powder. Throw in on high […]

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Driving to Moscow I

Road, Razor, Hill that was unbelievably lush for Idaho’s high mountain desert. More farmland, My new Ray Bans, Aberlour (just a little family tippling) Yahwehs 666 Warning Assembly that sponsor the highway, Little farm, More little farm White out around McCall, Jack and Razor, More highway Driving up the ipod was on shuffle, but it […]

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