Lentil Kielbasa Soup

Ill start sharing my recipes, as I am a crockpot wunderkind.

2 c lentils, 1 Kielbasa

1 can diced tomatoes, lots of chopped carrots, lots of chopped celery, one box beef broth (32 ounces), 3 cups of water.

Lots of garlic powder, some dashes of lowrys seasoning, lots of chili powder.

Throw in on high for 4 or 5 hours, or low for more time.

I think it cost me about 2 bucks a serving–less if you forgo the meat, or use a cheaper kielbasa (I am an all beef purist). I probably have 8 meals out of this. No carbs, very, very little fat. Really satiating.

Voila, kiddos.

3 thoughts on “Lentil Kielbasa Soup

  1. Hey — I have needed HELP (!) with food. My mind is not imaginative and I end up with a hamburger patty and green beans. B-O-R-I-N-G. I’m going to get a crock pot and try this. Thanks!

  2. I love me some lentils and I love me some kielbasa so guess who is going to make this soup! THIS GIRL! I might twist it a bit…but definitely making this!

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