So my dad brought me 10 lbs of fresh beef from his friends farm. I only have one month of school left. I don’t really understand how he thought I would eat 10 lbs of beef in 4 weeks, but whatever.  I decided to take a stroll back to my Polish roots and make Gołąbki. […]


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Lentil Kielbasa Soup

Ill start sharing my recipes, as I am a crockpot wunderkind. 2 c lentils, 1 Kielbasa 1 can diced tomatoes, lots of chopped carrots, lots of chopped celery, one box beef broth (32 ounces), 3 cups of water. Lots of garlic powder, some dashes of lowrys seasoning, lots of chili powder. Throw in on high […]

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