So my dad brought me 10 lbs of fresh beef from his friends farm. I only have one month of school left. I don’t really understand how he thought I would eat 10 lbs of beef in 4 weeks, but whatever.  I decided to take a stroll back to my Polish roots and make Gołąbki. It was AMAZING.





1 LB ground beef (grass fed, super special beef).

1 head of cabbage

chili powder

garlic powder

1 cup cooked rice (I didn’t use this).

1/2 onion.

1 egg


one can condensed tomato soup

beef broth (same size as the tomato soup) OR 1 cube beef boullion (make the soup per can directions and dissolve the boullion)

1/2 cup sour cream (I also didn’t use this)

Get a giant pot of water and bring to a boil. Gently put the cabbage in the bowling water (its hard to do without splashing boiling hot water all over your exposed skin). Boil the cabbage for about 4 minutes. Boiling cabbage also smells kind of like farts, so open the window or turn on a fan or something (I also have a very tiny apartment). Take the cabbage out, let it cool.

While its cooling…

So mix the beef, egg, onion (chopped up finely), and rice if you want it, I added a bunch of chili powder and some tosses of garlic powder because I REALLY love garlic. Don’t add salt, I think the sauce adds enough salt to the meal. Mix it all up. Make sure its perfect. No pressure.

Get a big dish. Roll up spoonfuls of the beef mix in the cabbage leaves. I had leftover beef as Moscow only had tiny cabbages, so I made meatballs with them! Tuck them in among the Golumpkies (which means tiny pigeons in Polish). Pour the beef-tomato mix all over it. Cook at 325 for an hour (I cooked uncovered because my pot lid broke, I would recommend covering it so some of the cabbage doesn’t get crisp).






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