Day Four.

Okay, day four. Longest day yet. 8.5 hours of me, the road, my ipod, and a snoozing cat in the backseat. Up until today I was stoked on this, now I am tired and missing human interaction. Big shout-outs to David, Paul, Catherine, and Matt for listening to my stories and calling to say hey while I was on the road. HUGE hearts to you guys. Big ups to Cara and Jill for leaving me comments (hey, you all see how this works? You get public acknowledgment of my love)

So this is a good mind-clearing trip for me. A nice segue into my “new” life, if you will. It’s given me time to sort the mental clutter, etc. into keeping it and investing time and emotion into it, or dropping it now. That said, the biggest thing I have realized (had proven to me) this year is that those who constantly espouse “truths” about themselves are usually the biggest failure at said “truth”. That said, the more you talk yourself up, the more I am going to be extremely wary of you. I’ve been really good at ignoring red flags and dealbreakers.  At this point it’s time to lay down some scorched earth personnel decisions and get to work.

Loves! Oh, and a nice picture. Once again, I took it. I edited it.

Eagle It stretches it funny, so you can click through to see it in it’s normal resolution.


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