Sunday, the Doldrums of the Week Translate to Driving Through the Doldrums of America

I think the playlist today will the The Show Surfing soundtrack, various epitaph comps from high school, Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth and Santigold. I might spice some things up with La Roux and 1990-2000 era rap. Speaking of which, I hope I can remember law school stuff as well as I can remember rap lyrics.

Thanks to a friend, I have an entire theory on whats wrong with this the boys of this generation (I don’t hate men, I love them. I just get frustrated that so many are wasting their potential or seem screwed up. I mean, I am the female, I am the one that gets to be an emotional rollercoaster and sensitive!!! Quit taking my gender role away from me, I take it very seriously.) and learned helplessness. I am also working out a piece in my head on why free markets and all that fun stuff would make women much better off and why feminists should strive for that… It’s cool, I have the next 8 hours to ruminate and make it coherent before I write about it. Also, I should not be writing post-run pre-eating breakfast. Yikes.

Completely obsessed with this album right now, and this is my favorite song from it.

L.E.S. Artistes (Album) by Santigold.


6 thoughts on “Sunday, the Doldrums of the Week Translate to Driving Through the Doldrums of America

  1. BTW….Wyoming is the worst state to drive through (in my opinion). There is nothing and nothing and nothing and nothing and nothing for miles and miles and miles and miles.

  2. I think Iowa and Nebraska are SLIGHTLY more interesting (and more people live there). In Wyoming, the semi trucks race by you at 100 mph and if you get stuck on the side of the road, well, you’re basically stuck there because there is not a soul for miles around.

    I guess the bright side is that it means your almost home…but Wyoming still sucks the most.

    1. There are some hot dudes in this town. Alas, I am here with my cat, so I won’t attempt to run game (or try my stare-down). In Nebraska I found the trucks were assholes. Here, a little bit better so far, because they have to contend with hills.

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