Newport Beach

Newport Beach

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And another year comes and goes.

Well, December 21, 2012 came and went 5 days ago. The supposed end of the world might have been a little more foreboding if the people selling it weren’t on Doomsday Preppers. Magnetic pole shifts, ice caps melting, sun flares, invisible planets. While I’m not a scientist (unless you want to count my poli sci […]

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{ridiculous} things people have told me and then argued with me when I corrected them.

Usually I just give up and walk away, or put my head down and not say anything. However, due to finals and holiday season stress, I’ve got to get this nonsense off my back. “Poker is legal” “Twin Falls has an atty gen” “Prosecutors get murdered all the time in Idaho” “People shoot at prosecutors […]

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Fall photo highlights

Razor learned how to smile for the camera 80s theme tree at the festival of trees.   Quite the dance party at Mulligans Mardi Gras theme tree at Festival of Trees Koozie gloves on the one 22 degree night we’ve had. A pack of hungry girls descending on tater tot nachos.

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And I’m Almost There

As I was working on outlines this afternoon (pshhh, what kind of 3L still outlines, noob), I realized this is my last round of finals in my law school career. Next semester I’m doing a semester-in-practice, auditing negotiable instruments during lunch (for the bar, basically), and there is an evening class of “legislation” that I am still […]

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Color Run 2012

Last weekend we did the little 5k Color Run. I try to avoid running (I stick with lifting heavy things and yoga these days), but the whole “throw colored cornstarch at each other” seemed really fun. It was. If this and the Dirty Dash could combine, I would be happy as a clam. My friend […]

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So my dad brought me 10 lbs of fresh beef from his friends farm. I only have one month of school left. I don’t really understand how he thought I would eat 10 lbs of beef in 4 weeks, but whatever.  I decided to take a stroll back to my Polish roots and make Gołąbki. […]

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