{ridiculous} things people have told me and then argued with me when I corrected them.

Usually I just give up and walk away, or put my head down and not say anything. However, due to finals and holiday season stress, I’ve got to get this nonsense off my back.

“Poker is legal”
“Twin Falls has an atty gen”
“Prosecutors get murdered all the time in Idaho”
“People shoot at prosecutors all the time in Idaho”
“Vacuuming in a restaurant while customers are in it is a federal felony”
“Carpet cleaners are a scam, they put mold in the carpet so you have to buy new carpet”
“Vacuums actually just push everything deeper in the ground, they don’t really clean”
“I grew up in a really bad family, and I’m fine, those people are just making excuses” From a law student who went to private school… when I was talking about how kids in the juvie system are severely disadvantaged in life from day one.
“I have to remind myself to stay humble”
“Oh, are you finishing law school at BSU?”

Ill have more next week.

Its not that I am mad that people don’t know things, its when I nicely try and explain or correct why they are wrong (especially as it pertains to the law) and they vehemently argue with me like I don’t know any better. I don’t argue with people when I don’t know something. Why? Because it keeps me from learning something AND has the added bonus of making me look stupid. I learned that in 7th Grade at St. Joe’s.


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