In which I finally decide that finals aren’t the worst…

So two weeks ago I was stressed about a bankruptcy exam, my property security exam, and my upper division writing requirement. One week ago I had it narrowed down to just the the last two things, and couldn’t wait for this week so I could have a break from school. Oh, yeah, finals also made me postpone my birthday party (like it has for the previous 2 years).

Its day 4 of the break, and I’m about to climb the walls. There is one thing I am really not good at-doing nothing (ask BF, I can’t even watch movies without multitasking). I’ve organized my shoes, closet, done laundry, deep cleaned my room, organized  book shelves, cleaned the car, worked 2 doubles and 2 other shifts at work, done my Christmas Shopping, wrote a to do list, filled out product reviews, re-set up a myspace account (its back or something? I don’t know, I can’t figure it out so it upsets me).

I’m bored. So. bored. I kind of actually like studying for finals, especially when its at the luxurious pace of one a week. My brain is then forced to focus on one subject for an entire week. Its great. Then there is the final, which is stressful and also relaxing (afterward, because your body and mind are exhausted). Post final-final, with the combination of residual adrenaline, the elated feeling of being one semester sooner to graduation, and general spazziness that I am prone to, I felt like a hummingbird. I thought I could run a half-marathon.

This was all great, but Sunday night I was starting to feel antsy given my lack of things to do. No reading, no writing, no deadlines, nothing. It was unsettling.

I guess this means I’m finally a real law student?

It also means I should tackle some pinterest projects.


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