Basic Etiquette for Law School and Beyond– Free food.

I don’t normally write so many unsolicited advice posts, but with the upcoming year starting and me looking back with a perhaps mawkish affection for my first couple of weeks of school, I just can’t help myself. Back in my Umass days, my friend Steve would say that you can learn a lot about a person […]


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PSA: Criminal Defendant Edition

With my previous externship as a prosecutor I had the chance to interact with a lot of defendants. Before you start thinking I’m too fancy, I handled light misdemeanors (driving without privs, kids with beer, that sort of thing) and infractions (such as dog off leash tickets). I LOVED IT. Mainly because these weren’t SVU-gnarly […]

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{ridiculous} things people have told me and then argued with me when I corrected them.

Usually I just give up and walk away, or put my head down and not say anything. However, due to finals and holiday season stress, I’ve got to get this nonsense off my back. “Poker is legal” “Twin Falls has an atty gen” “Prosecutors get murdered all the time in Idaho” “People shoot at prosecutors […]

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And I’m Almost There

As I was working on outlines this afternoon (pshhh, what kind of 3L still outlines, noob), I realized this is my last round of finals in my law school career. Next semester I’m doing a semester-in-practice, auditing negotiable instruments during lunch (for the bar, basically), and there is an evening class of “legislation” that I am still […]

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