And I’m Almost There

As I was working on outlines this afternoon (pshhh, what kind of 3L still outlines, noob), I realized this is my last round of finals in my law school career. Next semester I’m doing a semester-in-practice, auditing negotiable instruments during lunch (for the bar, basically), and there is an evening class of “legislation” that I am still thinking about. The politics nerd in my wants to take it, the lazy part of me doesn’t want to. The lazy part always loses though. 

3L is supposed to be cushy, but its my busiest year yet. Probably because I added a clinic that takes much more time than expected, and I kept the job at the fancy private dining establishment because I like money and sephora, and leather jackets, and cocktail dresses, and all that other finery I can’t afford yet. 

Today I had to go get fingerprinted for my next semester project. My record consists of some speeding tickets (1 in the past 10 years). That’s it. Wild child, I know. Still, I have this irrational neurotic fear that my background check is going to come back saying something terrible. Is this because I went to Catholic school (St. Joes braves, woootiewoot!)  as a child? The sense that I am guilty for something just never leaves?

Also, I improved all my lifts today by 5 pounds. I have no idea how I am supposed to increment weight from session to session, but I think a 5 lb increase is great (unless I’m doing it wrong, then you should tell me). Using Fitocracy to track my lifting alongside a heart rate monitor has made exercising *SO MUCH more fun*. 

Back to bankruptcy outlining. That class terrifies me. 




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