I survived the bar, for now.

I made it through the bar exam. I won’t have results for several weeks, but at least I took the damn thing, which feels like half the battle. So I made it through the two days without crying, without throwing up, without passing out (I thought I saw some tears day 1, no throwing up […]

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Spare me your tautologies.

I had a professor at Umass and when we would write something wordy and stupid (as undergrad poli sci majors are super apt to do) he would circle it in red marker and write TAUTOLOGICAL STATEMENT! This was a source of great shame, because it meant that my writing was elementary or that it smacked […]

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Week 1 of Bar Study down.

Guh, Im already in panic mode where I feel that I’m not doing enough every day. At least I get to ride my bike to bar study, and then the office, and then  back home. Its a nice 5 mile loop.  Tomorrow I start TRX. I can’t wait. I’m still sore from kettlebells, despite drinking […]

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Game Changer

I’ve had a bad knee for three years. I’ve been to several doctors, orthopedic specialists, osteopaths, and even a naturalist in case the joint effusion was caused by an allergic reaction or dietary issue.  Anyway, FINALLY a diagnosis. I tore my meniscus. Probably when I was crossing U Street in DC to get a half […]

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Guh. The Bar Exam.

While its not until the end of July, my prep class starts tomorrow. I’ve been halfheartedly going through the multiple choice prep for prep class for the past couple days. Oh jeez, is it depressing, mixed in with me feeling really smart, then back to feeling more S-M-R-T. The worst is that my baseline anxiety […]

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