The Importance of Wearing a Bra

Remember when your parents told you to always wear clean underwear? In case you got hit by a car or something (in that case, your undies probably wouldn’t be clean after the fact anyway/insurance pays out more if you soil yourself). Well, as it was early Sunday AM, I was cooking (for fathers day), in […]


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Week 1 of Bar Study down.

Guh, Im already in panic mode where I feel that I’m not doing enough every day. At least I get to ride my bike to bar study, and then the office, and then  back home. Its a nice 5 mile loop.  Tomorrow I start TRX. I can’t wait. I’m still sore from kettlebells, despite drinking […]

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Game Changer

I’ve had a bad knee for three years. I’ve been to several doctors, orthopedic specialists, osteopaths, and even a naturalist in case the joint effusion was caused by an allergic reaction or dietary issue.  Anyway, FINALLY a diagnosis. I tore my meniscus. Probably when I was crossing U Street in DC to get a half […]

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Guh. The Bar Exam.

While its not until the end of July, my prep class starts tomorrow. I’ve been halfheartedly going through the multiple choice prep for prep class for the past couple days. Oh jeez, is it depressing, mixed in with me feeling really smart, then back to feeling more S-M-R-T. The worst is that my baseline anxiety […]

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PSA: Criminal Defendant Edition

With my previous externship as a prosecutor I had the chance to interact with a lot of defendants. Before you start thinking I’m too fancy, I handled light misdemeanors (driving without privs, kids with beer, that sort of thing) and infractions (such as dog off leash tickets). I LOVED IT. Mainly because these weren’t SVU-gnarly […]

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The Center of the Home

I come from a family of feeders. If you are over at my house, I will offer you food. If you are eating at my house, I will offer you more food. If I am at your house, I will offer to cook for you. Both the Pioneer side and the Polish side of my […]

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