Guh. The Bar Exam.

While its not until the end of July, my prep class starts tomorrow. I’ve been halfheartedly going through the multiple choice prep for prep class for the past couple days. Oh jeez, is it depressing, mixed in with me feeling really smart, then back to feeling more S-M-R-T.

The worst is that my baseline anxiety level is starting to rise. Those of you that know me, know that I tend to be “charmingly” neurotic, those of you that don’t like me would probably consider me maladjusted or a “type a bitch” (which, hey, as long as I’m getting an A…). Anxiety and my chosen future profession go hand in hand with each other.

Anyway, my normal anxiety level is manageable when I do my yoga, weightlifting, eat healthy, get sunlight. Introducing this whole bar study thing is throwing me off center.  Ill spare you the details, but if anything ever has a chance of turning me into Mary Todd Lincoln, it will be this summer.


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