Game Changer

I’ve had a bad knee for three years. I’ve been to several doctors, orthopedic specialists, osteopaths, and even a naturalist in case the joint effusion was caused by an allergic reaction or dietary issue. 

Anyway, FINALLY a diagnosis. I tore my meniscus. Probably when I was crossing U Street in DC to get a half smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl with Paul and I stepped into a foot sized pothole and went down hard. (TWSS).  Anyway, as the bar exam is something I have to focus on, and pain pills and rehab don’t go great with studying, I’m not getting surgery until August. Or September. But in the mean time, I’ve been focusing on getting my muscles and body in tip top shape to help healing and rehab. Prehab. Which lead to my first kettle-bell class last night.  

HOLY COW. It was only 30 minute long, but within in the first 7 minutes sweat was rolling down my shoulder blades as I hoisted, passed, and swung a measly 12 lb weight (for the first half, then I had to go down to 8). Even though I’ve been feeling pretty proud of myself for my weight training regimen, it paled in comparison to these be-handled metal balls. By the end I had noodle arms and shoulders. Today my quads hurt, which I didn’t realize until biking to work.  Bonus: they work all those little tiny weak stabilizer muscles that don’t get enough love. 

I can’t wait to see what two months of this brings. 


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