I got bored with Jamie Eason’s live fit. After plenty of reddit research, I’ve settled on StrongLifts. It’s 5 lifts in two two workouts. You alternate. We’ll see how it goes. I’d post before and after pics, but i don’t think I want that much of my flesh published on the Internet. There are also […]

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Teach Your Daughters

Teach your daughters to not apologize for asking questions. To quit hedging all of their statements with “I feel..” Quit describing your growing toddler as “huge”, “large”, or “big” call her strong instead. Teach your daughters to use power body language (Amy Cuddy TED Talk. The only TED talk worth watching). Teach them to not shrink or try to take up less space than the men in their lives, or to change to make more space for the men in their lives.

From CL Young “I’ve never been one for finger-snapping slam poetry, but yesterday I walked into a house where a fifteen year old girl lives with her very nice family. on a couch visible from the kitchen counter of that house was an embroidered pillow that said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” that girl wants to be a model someday. this video was in my inbox this morning & I think it puts the whole shit pretty adeptly. I am so fucking tired of this problem, however it presents itself — be it invisible or terminal or anything in between. I am tired of women spending time, energy, feeling & health deciding how much space they deserve to occupy. whether that means an eating disorder or the volume of a voice, we have got to get past this. “

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I survived the bar, for now.

I made it through the bar exam. I won’t have results for several weeks, but at least I took the damn thing, which feels like half the battle. So I made it through the two days without crying, without throwing up, without passing out (I thought I saw some tears day 1, no throwing up […]

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Week 1 of Bar Study down.

Guh, Im already in panic mode where I feel that I’m not doing enough every day. At least I get to ride my bike to bar study, and then the office, and then  back home. Its a nice 5 mile loop.  Tomorrow I start TRX. I can’t wait. I’m still sore from kettlebells, despite drinking […]

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Game Changer

I’ve had a bad knee for three years. I’ve been to several doctors, orthopedic specialists, osteopaths, and even a naturalist in case the joint effusion was caused by an allergic reaction or dietary issue.  Anyway, FINALLY a diagnosis. I tore my meniscus. Probably when I was crossing U Street in DC to get a half […]

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