Week 1 of Bar Study down.

Guh, Im already in panic mode where I feel that I’m not doing enough every day. At least I get to ride my bike to bar study, and then the office, and then  back home. Its a nice 5 mile loop. 

Tomorrow I start TRX. I can’t wait. I’m still sore from kettlebells, despite drinking whey protein afterward (isn’t that supposed to help?) As a result my quad had the mother of all cramps mid run in kickball yesterday. Our team (The Runs) came in third in the league. QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK. 

Oh, and I got to see the Tallest Man on Earth Wednesday night. Holy cow he was amazing. His stage presence had improved 10000x over when I saw him in DC a couple years ago. He now moves around stage, talks a little bit, and incorporates walks and dips into his guitar playing. It was SUCH a great show and he sings with SUCH emotion and feeling. Fantastic. 


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