Idaho’s email spam laws (law for both small business and consumers!)

Email offers inundate our inboxes between black Friday and now. I’ve taken lots of steps to unsubscribe and filter and block everything that I consider SPAM. However, there has been one local business that has been especially fond of emailing me regardless of how many times I unsubscribe. As a local business, and as a consumer, you should be aware of Idaho’s stance on email spam. Here is a memo I wrote a while ago that is worth reminding:

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Week 1 of Bar Study down.

Guh, Im already in panic mode where I feel that I’m not doing enough every day. At least I get to ride my bike to bar study, and then the office, and then  back home. Its a nice 5 mile loop.  Tomorrow I start TRX. I can’t wait. I’m still sore from kettlebells, despite drinking […]

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Fall photo highlights

Razor learned how to smile for the camera 80s theme tree at the festival of trees.   Quite the dance party at Mulligans Mardi Gras theme tree at Festival of Trees Koozie gloves on the one 22 degree night we’ve had. A pack of hungry girls descending on tater tot nachos.

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Color Run 2012

Last weekend we did the little 5k Color Run. I try to avoid running (I stick with lifting heavy things and yoga these days), but the whole “throw colored cornstarch at each other” seemed really fun. It was. If this and the Dirty Dash could combine, I would be happy as a clam. My friend […]

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Driving to Moscow I

Road, Razor, Hill that was unbelievably lush for Idaho’s high mountain desert. More farmland, My new Ray Bans, Aberlour (just a little family tippling) Yahwehs 666 Warning Assembly that sponsor the highway, Little farm, More little farm White out around McCall, Jack and Razor, More highway Driving up the ipod was on shuffle, but it […]

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