I survived the bar, for now.

I made it through the bar exam. I won’t have results for several weeks, but at least I took the damn thing, which feels like half the battle. So I made it through the two days without crying, without throwing up, without passing out (I thought I saw some tears day 1, no throwing up or passing out). 

And now we wait for 5 more weeks to get results. In the mean time I get to play lawyer under a limited license, I’ve met with clients, type a million pages, and do all the stuff that I paid a lot of money to be able to do. I also have to keep my brain from spazzing out over the possibility of failing.  I don’t feel like I failed, but the bar is a n unpredictable mistress. 

Since the bar, I have properly celebrated twice. Got a new haircut/dye job (I’m going for Megyn Kelly blonde), got BRAND new makeup (this is a big deal, you guys, because I haven’t substantially changed my eye makeup in like 15 years), bought two new outfits, AND new workout shoes. I’m a beast, basically. 

In relation to new workout shoes, can we just take a minute and reflect on how the hell it took me so long to introduce kettle-bells into my routine? Those things are little balls of magic, and SO FUN! 


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