Public Humiliation as a Learning Experience

And I am a JD pending one final… Commercial paper/negotiable instruments/payment systems on Monday. I’m not sure why different schools call them different things.

And I should be studying more, but it is SO HARD to study when its my last thing I ever have to do for school. And I had a killer semester internship where I got to play be a prosecutor. And I even have a job for after the bar.


And how did law school prepare me for work? Well, professors are meaner than judges. So its nice going into court knowing that you already have experienced worse treatment than a judge will give you. I remember my first week of classes as a 1L, and my torts professor called on me. I didn’t know what the answer was so I just started talking. Wordswordswords. The Professor actually stopped me, walked out of the room, came back in several seconds (it felt like minutes) and told the class we were starting over for the day.


3 thoughts on “Public Humiliation as a Learning Experience

  1. What a scary first experience with the socratic method! I start school in August and I wonder what my first socratic name calling experience will be like (on a daily basis). Good luck with your final!

    1. Oh, I am sure you will be fine. This professor was known to be especially salty with 1Ls, he was a throwback to a different time. Most professors don’t see the point scaring people! Good luck with your first year!

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