Action for Seduction

Idaho has a lot of territory-era laws on the books. Sometimes I come across them. My favorite thus far is

“Action for Seduction” Idaho Code 5-308 which states:
“An unmarried female may prosecute, as plaintiff, an action for her own seduction, and may recover therein such damages, pecuniary or exemplary, as are assessed in her favor. ”

Note: Am Jur defines seduction as an act of persuading or inducing a woman of previous chaste character to depart from the path of virtue and submit to sexual intercourse with the seducer

The law was introduced in 1881 and last updated in 1919. Its still Idaho law.

So apparently an unmarried female may file a tort claim against a person who seduces her.

I would LOVE to defend this. Anyone out there who gets sued for  ~Seduction~, holler at me. Lets make history.